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Abraham Lincoln University Luc Tuymans Biography & Art Works Research Paper

Abraham Lincoln University Luc Tuymans Biography & Art Works Research Paper

Question Description

I’m trying to learn for my Art & Design class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Artist work has to be made after the year 1980 up to 2019 or related to an art movement during this period of time.

Research should include

-1 Cover Page

  • Students’ Names and ID.
  • Research title.
  • Academic year and semester.
  • Course Name
  • -2 Research introduction

    The Artists information

    • Name.

  • Artist photo.
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth and nationality.
  • -3 Detailed information about the Artist:
  • His history and beginnings.
  • Type of work he/she does (painting, collage, sculpture).
  • Techniques, style, trademark….
  • Any information related to his work in art or design.
  • -4 Artist Work Examples

    4 examples of his/her work, each example on a separate page.

    Each examples has the following information: – Name of artwork.

    – Year of production.

    Description of the artwork or design, size, what medium, colors used, items used, images, figures, idea, shapes….

    Elements and principles of design used in each artwork.

    -5 Conclusion

    Why you have selected this artist? What did you like about his/her artwork and style?

    Write about your opinion about the artist and his/her work.

    – 6 References and bibliography

  • References can be books or websites.
  • Proper referencing in APA Style.
  • References should be written at the end of each page and under pictures.
  • All references should be grouped into a list and listed at the end of the research.
  • project required 1000 words count (14 pages)

    Font size maximum 14 for titels and 12 for text.
    the introduction should be at least 2 pages.