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Abraham Lincoln University Uncle Matty Ye Olde Tavern Current Menu Discussion

Abraham Lincoln University Uncle Matty Ye Olde Tavern Current Menu Discussion

Question Description

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Premise for the Discussion:

As you have discovered this week the topic of menu design and pricing is often an overlooked and poorly planned critical task. When implemented improperly, at best it becomes an operational annoyance, but in most cases it is the key factor which generates increasing guest complaints, employee dissatisfaction, potential legal liabilities, decreasing sales and financial losses for the restaurant.

Understanding the affects, time and financial investment needed to create this important operational tool it is critical as a manager to be able to assess the effectiveness of an operation’s current food and beverage menu(s) and offer suggestions for changes based on approaches, techniques, and theories recommended by industry experts.

Your discussion submission:

Responding to the premise above I want you to, utilizing the attached (below), Uncle Matty’s Ye Olde Tavern menu and discuss specifically what approaches, techniques, and theories from this week’s posted resources you would use to make improvements to the menu so it can be used for its intended purpose; “an advertising tool capable of communicating a restaurant’s identity and driving profit.

Uncle Matty’s menu


Format and criteria required to include in your submission:

Please restate and post each of the questions with your answers.

  1. Based on your understanding of menu design indicate the issues or problems which exist with the current menu?
  2. Based on your understanding of menu design indicate any positive or acceptable design choices with the current menu?
  3. Based on your response to #1 and #2 create a list of needed design changes and explain why the changes should be made.
  4. Create a new menu document (without prices) based on your findings and attach it to your response.
  5. The current menu does not list beverages. Based on the type of establishment (independent tavern) and the current food offering what non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages would you suggest and why?
  6. Based on #4 and 5 and referencing the pricing methods and formulas discussed this week create a cost to sales analysis worksheet for (5) food items and (5) beverage items which you think are likely to sell frequently. Based on the sample analysis suggest a selling price for each item. (You can use an Excel spreadsheet and attach it to your response.)
  7. Please respond with further insight to at least two (2) fellow learner’s posts. Remember quality counts here, just saying “good post” does not constitute a response.
  8. Provide a works cited reference list at the end of the posting.

Click on this link to a user guide for participating in discussions.

Matty’s Tavern Cost to Selling Price.xlsx