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Academy of Computer Education Cyber Security and Internet of Things Article Review

Academy of Computer Education Cyber Security and Internet of Things Article Review

Question Description

I’m working on a Engineering exercise and need support.

Review the attached research article “Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Vulnerabilities, Threats, Intruders and Attacks” – RP_Journal_2245-1439_414

Answer using your own words, by addressing the following

q1.What did the authors investigate, and in general how did they do so?

q2.Identify the hypothesis or question being tested

q3.Summarize the overall article.

q4.Identify the conclusions of the authors

(i) indicate whether or not you think the data support their conclusions/hypothesis

(ii) consider alternative explanations for the results

q5.Provide any additional comments pertaining to other approaches to testing their hypothesis -logical follow-up studies to build on, confirm or refute the conclusions The article you use must be at least 3 pages long and be a primary or original research article.

(i) The relevance or importance of the study

(ii) The appropriateness of the experimental design


  • APA Format 7th edition
  • 3 pages in length (not including the Title page, Abstract, Conclusion and Reference)
  • Review Article attached – RP_Journal_2245-1439_414
  • In-text citations
  • References
  • When you write your evaluation be brief and concise, this is not meant to be an essay but an objective evaluation that one can read very easily and quickly. Also, you should include a complete reference (title, authors, journal, issue, pages) and a photocopy of the article when you turn in your evaluation.
  • Text book attached for reference – (ISC)² CISSP Certified Information SystemsSecurity Professional Official Study Guide