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Alcorn State University Most Effective Counseling Theories Paper

Alcorn State University Most Effective Counseling Theories Paper

Question Description

Can you help me understand this Psychology question?

During this semester you should be paying attention to which theoryor theories that you believe will be effective in counseling. Because the semester will move sorapidly, I want you to create a power point from which you will develop a brief paper defending/comparing the theories you think you will most likely use and/or the theories you want to learnmore about.

Evaluation of papers will be based on:

1) depth, knowledge, understanding, and extensiveness of material covered

2) format requirements, if any (length, APA guidelines, font)

3) evidence of scholarly research, if applicable

4) completeness of paper

5) evidence of scholarly writing (syntax, grammar)

6) following instructions for assignment, including page length

Theories: Psychoanalytic Theory, Alderian Theory, Existential Theory, Person-Centered Theory, Gestalt Theory, Behavioral Theory, Cognitive-Behavioral Theory, Reality Theory and Choice Theory