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Arizona Christian University Power Transmission System Problem

Arizona Christian University Power Transmission System Problem

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I don’t understand this Engineering question and need help to study.


You must size the gears in a power transmission system to connect a DC motor to its load. The motor is given in the motor catalogue as a BM1400 motor. You must size the gears in the transmission which will connect to this motor and have a gear reduction with a total drive reduction of 5:1. The output shaft should be parallel to the input shaft. You must specify all the gears that will go in to the gear box and the forces on those gears. Included with the motor catalogue is a gear atalogue which you can use to select your components. Justify all your design decisions with calculations.


You must submit a listing of all the gears you will use in your design. You will also submit information on the forces on your gears.Justify your selection by submitting the calculations you used to select the components. The calculations must be neat, show all equations, and show all assumptions.Submit your project in the form of an analysis report. The project is graded on two categories, how well you meet the deliverables specified and the quality of your report.

Files needed to use will be provided.