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Ashworth College Main Features of Byzantine World Discussion

Ashworth College Main Features of Byzantine World Discussion

Question Description

I need support with this History question so I can learn better.

Discuss main features of the Byzantine world. Evaluate main factors in Islam’s expansion between 632 and 661. Outline main features of early Islamic society and culture. Explain the ways which Indian culture affected Southeastern Asia.

In this discussion board forum, please pick one topic to discuss in your post. Analyze the main features of the Byzantine World, hypothesize the reasons for its conflict with its conflict with Islam. Or discuss the major factors that led to the expansion of Islam between 632 and 661 CE, report as to why this expansion impacted not only Islam but the Western World. Or write on the major features of the early Islamic society and the growth of their culture, evaluate how these features helped to Islam to grow. Or. Discuss the ways in which Southeastern Asia was impacted by the growth of Indian culture, evaluate how Indian culture changed Southeastern Asia.

In which ever topic you pick to use in your forum be able to defend your conclusions.

Some miles off the coast of China lays Japan. Korea is situated northeast of China, with a shared border. And Vietnam is located far to the south. From early-on, the people of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam shared a similar globalization, as Chinese merchants plied the waters to the other three groups, carrying their ideas and institutions with them.

Beyond commercial contact, they had similar experiences. As with China, for example, traditional society, economy, polity, and culture fused into the leadership of Japan. Like China, Korea struggled to become unified, and then was invaded and occupied by the Mongols who had occupied the Chinese mainland. Similar to China, Vietnam expanded to create a vast empire, known as the Kingdom of Dai Viet. Seemingly, Chinese influences were the glue that held the four groups together, being transferred to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam in different ways at different times.

Now, please compare these three societies, economies, polities, and cultures. What were some significant similarities between them? Then, what differences do you perceive? The conclusion of chapter 11 observed, “like many other great civilizations, the Chinese were traditionally convinced of the superiority of their culture?” Do you believe the Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese shared this sense of superiority, why or why not?

Your response to this initial post should be at least two or three paragraphs in length (at least five sentences per paragraph) and include specific examples to support your opinions. Once you have responded to this post, I will read your response. At that time, I will either provide a follow-up post for your response or direct you to critique another students’ response. Please wait for me to do this before you continue.

Your second response, or critique of another student, should be at least one to two paragraphs and do the following: state what you agree with as to what is written; state what you might not agree with; and, add something else to the discussion. It is expected that you will be on your best netiquette when you respond to either my of other student’s writing.