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Barstow Community College Elie Wiesels Faith Among the Fire Worksheet

Barstow Community College Elie Wiesels Faith Among the Fire Worksheet

Question Description

I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Please read up to page 45 on bottom of page (page 72 on pdf) below is the link . Night by Elie Wiesel…


Please answer the following questions as a means of creating a deeper understanding of the subtext of the work. Use complete sentences and write thoughtfully on it, meaning if you answer question number 1 “I like it because it is cool,” it won’t be considered when grading.

  1. What is my “gut reaction” to this text? Do I like the work? What, specifically, do I like or dislike about it?
  2. What recurring images or objects did I notice in the work? What might they mean? Do those objects have any cultural significance?
  3. What is the title of the work and why did the author choose that title?
  4. What alternative titles might the author have chosen and why?
  5. How would the story be different if told from someone else’s point of view?
  6. Why might the author have written this work? Obviously, there is the historical significance of the work and detailing an atrocity, but horrible things happen every day. Why does this work bear such significance?
  7. Discuss a line or two of a descriptive passage that you find significant. Quote it here, and then explain its significance. I am generally speaking of passages that foreshadow and event or hold symbolism when I ask this question, not turns of the plot or what happened.