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BIO 160 Southern Illinois University Urinary & Reproductive Systems Questions

BIO 160 Southern Illinois University Urinary & Reproductive Systems Questions

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Help me study for my Biology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

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Urinary & Reproductive systems

  • What is the major regulatory problem for terrestrial animals?
  • What are some of the adaptations that help terrestrial animals overcome this problem?
  • How do humans compensate for water loss?
  • What are the major functions of the kidneys? How much blood is in the kidneys at any given moment?
  • What is the functional unit of the kidneys? What are the parts of this functional unit?
  • We can compare of the production of urine by the kidneys to a person cleaning out their fridge. Explain how his analogy functions in the production of urine.
  • What is the overall composition of urine and why can the color of urine be a simple but important diagnostic tool?
  • Outline how the endocrine system regulates urine production. What is the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone pathway?
  • How does diuresis differ from antidiuresis?
  • Reproduction involves several steps to ensure the continuation of the species. What are these steps?
  • How does the endocrine system factor in reproduction?
  • How does testosterone influence the development of male characteristics? How does estrogen influence the development of female characteristics?
  • Outline the process of oogenesis. How is it similar to spermatogenesis and does it differ?
  • Compare the terms zygote, embryo and fetus and list their defining characteristics.
  • What are bipotential gonads? When does sexual differentiation occur?
  • What does it mean for a trait to be either dominant or recessive?
  • How do X-linked traits differ from normal autosomal traits?