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Boston College Social Media Marketing and E Commerce Presentation

Boston College Social Media Marketing and E Commerce Presentation

Question Description

I’m stuck on a Marketing question and need an explanation.

Recommended Programs: Wix, Weebly, Google Sites, Microsoft Sway (free, easy-to-use sites for creating websites). Recommended programs are optional; you may use any web design program you wish.

Material to include with website (minimum required material; you may add additional material to your site that documents and showcases your research).

  1. Title of your research paper and thesis statement.
  2. A short abstract of your research paper (i.e. summary of the project and your research methods and findings).
  3. Visuals and images that represent your topic (chart, graph, photo, image, etc.) used with visual rhetorical purpose (consider your audience and purpose).
  4. A short “lessons learned” paragraph that describes why you chose your topic and what you learned by completing this project (as a writer/researcher learning about the topic).
  5. Highlights or “fun facts” from your research that capture the essence of your project (be sure to cite your sources!)
  6. You should include your APA references page, and any links to resources or videos on your topic.

NOTE: Please do not include any personal information, including your contact information or email, that you would not wish to have included in a public directory. Do not include the research paper on the website. You are not required to keep the website online past when final grades for the course are posted. Any student who does not want the website displayed publicly online can keep the display hidden from general public view and only share its contents with the class/professor on the showcase date.