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Brookdale Community College World Cultures History Exam Questions

Brookdale Community College World Cultures History Exam Questions

Question Description

I’m working on a History question and need guidance to help me study.

The Unit III Exam is worth 60 points and should be done exactly the same as the others: two double spaced typed pages (minimum) for EACH ESSAY ANSWER; parenthetical citing [Ways, 124], and ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.

Every effort to have this done on time should be made. There are five days past the end of the semester in which grades can be turned in, but we want to avoid getting too far into to that if we can. So, you have the two official days to do the exam, but you can spill over into the grading period by 2 more if you absolutely have to.

1) Trace and discuss the connection of commerce and trade between the cultures of this unit and their effect on world history. Include the silk roads (sand and sea, too) the Islamic Empire, worlds of Christendom, China during the Ming Dynasty, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas.

2) Trace and discuss the role of women through this unit, comparing and contrasting their roles in the cultures of China, Islamic societies, during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and in the Americas, including native North America and the Aztecs.

3) Traces, discuss and compare the existence of scholarship and humanism as evidenced by the the cultures of this unit. Include China, Southernization, Islam, the Muslim Synthesis, the Middle Ages and the Byzantine Empire, monastic institutions and the Renaissance.