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Colorado State University Bernoulli Process Examples

Colorado State University Bernoulli Process Examples

Question Description

I’m trying to study for my Statistics course and I need some help to understand this question.

Read example 2 and make comments and additions about example 2. Your document should be minimum 150 words. Please have credible resources.

Example 2

A binomial random variable X is the most commonly used discrete distribution. This particular calculation involves consecutive trials that result in two potential outcomes. Each of the trials involved are independent from one another, therefore, they do not affect each other (OpenStax, 2019).

There are multiple experiences that came to mind when brainstorming what Jane Smith should use to exemplify the Bernoulli process in her own life circumstances. However, for this example she chooses to specifically focus on her routine of castings for modeling, and the probability that she would receive a call back from each of the job opportunities.

On a typical day, Jane goes to five castings, which are all for separate jobs and companies.

X = number of call backs I receive.

N = the number of castings

P = her probability of success or getting a call back.

On this day, she received 3 call backs (X), out of the 5 castings (N), and her probability of getting a call from each of the companies was consistent at 0.5. For there are only two possible outcomes either she receives a call (success) or she doesn’t (failure). In this event, her success rate was 3/5, which means that she had a 60% success rate for her castings on that day (Binomial Random Variables, 2020).


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