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Colorado State University N Trials of A Independent Bernoulli Trials & Process HW

Colorado State University N Trials of A Independent Bernoulli Trials & Process HW

Question Description

I’m studying for my Statistics class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

A binomial random variable X is defined as the number of successes achieved in the n trials of a Bernoulli process. Explain Bernoulli process. Read Example 1 and add additional information to it.

Your document should be minimum 250 words. Please have credible references.

Example 1:

Mary is a flight attendant. She regularlyflies 6 flights a day and most without any issues, but there are always afew problems either with an unhappy passenger or a mechanical delay.

She considers the random variable ‘X’ torepresent the number of times she flies per day without any problems. She will have ‘p’ represents the probability of success. She will have ‘n’ bethe number of trials which in her case is the number of flights.

She used the Bernoulli process to create her own properties :

  1. She has ‘n’ identical trials which are ‘n’ number flights.
  2. Each flight is a success or failure, so she only has two outcomes.
  3. Her probability for success, or having a flight finish without an issue remains the same from flight to flight.
  4. If thefirst flight is not successful, it does not affect the outcome of her other flights because each flight is independent (Stephanie, 2018).

All the properties are met by theflights.n = 6 (number of identical flights) and p = 0.67 (Probability ofhaving a successful flight) x = 4 (number of successes)

She has a series of 6 identicalflights and 4 of them are successful from those 6 and her probability ofhaving a successful flight is 0.67


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