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Contemporary Issues Facing Families

Contemporary Issues Facing Families


Discussion: Contemporary Issues Facing Families

Consider an issue in society today that influences family dynamics, such as internet gambling, internet pornography, cyber infidelity, or another current issue that was not influential 10 years ago. Take into account how the issue impacts members of the family across generational lines, including children, parents, grandparents, and others.

For this Discussion, you will examine the impact that various contemporary issues have on families. Although you will consider issues that relate to both couples and families, you will focus on the family impact in order to understand the unique expression of these issues in a family setting.

Please consider issues that are exclusive to couples and families, (cyber infidelity, pornography and gaming addiction, the influence of social media), and examine the potential effects on those involved. You are encouraged to select an issue that may be a challenge for you.

To Prepare:

  • Search the Walden Library and select a recent peer-reviewed research article, within the last five years, that discusses a contemporary issue impacting families. Optional and required reading material from the course cannot be used for this final question. Keep in mind everything that you have learned (i.e., ethics, culture, theory) in your search for an appropriate contemporary issue.
  • In your search, consider a contemporary issue affecting couples or families that you think may be a challenge for you. Be mindful of issues related to culture, diversity, social change, LGBT families and adoption, unique needs of military families, internet infidelity, gambling, technology, interracial or intercultural challenges in couples, changing sociocultural definitions of family, or some other specific issue facing a unique group or demographic.
  • Addiction, infidelity, divorce, domestic violence and child abuse are not new issues and have been studied for many years, so for this discussion, they are not considered a contemporary issue. However, if the issue has a contemporary component to it, it would be acceptable. For example, if the research is about social media or technology and infidelity that would be appropriate.  
By Day 3

Post the issue you selected from the literature and why you believe it is a significant issue for couples or families in today’s society. Be sure to include all cultural, social, ethical, and legal considerations relevant in your example, as well as the impact on the couple or family system. Explain what will be challenging for you and how you will address your challenge. Keep in mind, this forum is to discuss with your colleagues the potential challenges you will face in your work with couples and families dealing with contemporary issues. There are no right or wrong answers for this post. Please provide the full citation for the article you selected. 

Note: Please attach your article at the bottom of your post to share with your colleagues.