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DIBP > Solar Technology > Due october 26

DIBP > Solar Technology > Due october 26

Based on the text attached and new research, using creativity answer the following questions in 2 pages of the word document.

Assignment #12 

1. To gain visibility, run a competitive website analysis into the performance of your website or proposed website with those of your competitors. Use Alexa or any similar website comparison tool. 

2. Brainstorm a list of key words that people could use when searching for your products or services online. Then see how those could be built in and repeated on your website. 

3. Decide on your domain name, making sure first that you can use it. Test it out online to make sure it can be found easily, does not conflict with similar names that might ‘steal’ you web traffic and does not pull up your direct competitors. 

4. Check out submission services to see if they could be useful. 

5. Review social media activity in your market and see which channels – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc are most used by current players. 

6. Start using Google Analytics to track and analyse your website traffic. 

Assignment #13 

Describe briefly the main operational aspects that are involved in ensuring that your strategy is successfully implemented. In particular, you should consider: 

1. Who will conduct the selling for your business, and have they been professionally trained to sell? 

2. What selling methods will they employ? 

3. Will you use point-of-sale material – leaflets, brochures, or videos, for example? 

4. Who will manage, monitor and control your sales effort and how will they do so? 

5. Describe the selling process, leading from an unaware prospect to a converted client, covering identification of decision makers, overcoming objections, gaining agreement etc. 

6. What procedures do you have for handling customer complaints? 

7. What incentives are there for people to meet sales targets and how will you motivate them to do so? 

8. Who will direct, monitor and control your sales efforts and what experience/skills do they have? 

9. How long is the process from becoming aware of your product or service to making the buying decision, receiving the product or service and finally paying for it? This will have an important bearing on your cash flow and initial sales forecast. 

10. What sales volume and activity targets, such as calls per day, etc, have you set for each salesperson or selling method? 

11. What process will you use to ensure you are paid on time?