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Duke University Apple Working Capital Management Paper

Duke University Apple Working Capital Management Paper

Question Description

I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

You will need to examine NASDAQ Apple’s working capital management. Lookat the firm’s annual report(link to financial statements-…) and answer the following questions in 2 pg plus any associated tables on the reference section:

  • What is the firm’s cash position? Does the firm reflect positive cash balances for the last three years?
  • What methods does the firm use to ensure and maintain positive cash flows?
  • What methods of short-term financing does the firm use?

reference:use this book chapters needed are in study guide

Melicher, R.W., & Norton, E.A. (2017). Introduction to finance: Markets, investments, and

financial management. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

attached study guide