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ENG 123 SNHU Persuasion in Everyday Life Discussion & Responses

ENG 123 SNHU Persuasion in Everyday Life Discussion & Responses

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I need my initial post and 2 response done

For this GRADED discussion, you will work with your peers. In your initial post, think about a time in your life where you tried to persuade someone to do something. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be a situation that was a full-blown argument—it can be something as simple as convincing a friend to go to a specific restaurant for lunch—and it doesn’t have to be a situation where you “won” the other person over either.

Before you begin writing, please review the discussion rubric below to make sure you fulfill all of the required tasks.

When you’ve come up with the moment, write two fully developed paragraphs explaining it to your classmates. In the first paragraph, describe the moment of persuasion so that your instructor and peers can “see” it. In the second paragraph, explain why you felt like that moment of persuasion was either successful or unsuccessful. What strategies or techniques did you use to try to get the person to side with you?

When you’ve finished, read over your peers’ posts and respond to at least two of them with at least one fully developed paragraph. What is your reaction to their moment of persuasion? Would you have done the same thing, or would you have approached the situation differently? Why or why not? Remember, your approach can be completely different from your peer’s approach, as you can bring your own unique perspectives and life experiences to the situation.

Keep an eye out for responses on your original thread throughout the week and be sure to respond to them as well. Try to keep the conversation going throughout the module.

ENG 123 Discussion Rubric

Your active participation in the discussion forums is essential to your overall success this term. Discussion questions are designed to help you make meaningful connections between the course content and the larger concepts and goals of the course. These discussions offer you the opportunity to express your own thoughts, ask questions for clarification, and gain insight from your classmates’ responses and instructor’s guidance.

Requirements for Discussion Board Assignments

Students are required to post one initial post (1) and to follow up with at least two (2) response posts for each discussion board assignment.

For your initial post (1) you must:

  • Compose a post that fully addresses the assignment prompt.
  • In Module One, complete the initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • In Module Four, complete the initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.
  • In Module Six, complete the initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.
  • Take into consideration material such as course content from the current module and previous modules, when appropriate.

For your response posts (2) you must:

  • Reply to at least two different classmates outside of your own initial post thread.
  • In Module One, complete the two response posts by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • In Module Four, complete one response post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.
  • In Module Six, complete the two response posts by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.
  • Demonstrate more depth and thought than simply stating that “I agree” or “You are wrong.” Guidance is provided for you in each discussion prompt.

Kyle Vrabel

Persuasion in everyday life – Mon Jun 29 15:27

To start my wife is a few months pregnant and we have a 16 month old running around. For the past three months we have been working from home and mostly cooking our own meals. About once a week my wife says she just wants to eat out but is usually unsure what she wants. Last Friday this happened and i quickly suggested Dominos! It is quick, easy and super cheap. I told her let’s get the $5.99 deal because it allows all of us to get what we want. I told her we can get a cheese pizza for her and my son to share and another one for my in-laws, along with some boneless wings and cinnamon twists. Sometimes i get a little push back especially now that she has different cravings daily.

I believe my quick response and laying the options on the table allowed my persuasion to work. Most of the time it is a back in forth of no you pick, but since I was straight to the point I think I made her choice for her. Using cost analysis and the points that everyone would get what they wanted pushed her towards agreeing with my choice of Dominos. I believe if i was hesitant at all or gave multiple options this would not have occurred. Looking at this moment i didn’t even realize i was persuading her until I was thinking of examples for this assignment.

Chris Hoover

1-3: Persuasion in Everyday Life – Mon Jun 29 12:59

As a part of the Mess Deck Adjudication (MDA) team on ships being constructed for the United States Navy, it is my responsibility to coordinate the inspection of completed tasks that were previously incomplete or unsatisfactory. Being available to pair members of the shipbuilding craft team and MDA inspectors, it is important that I am available upon the completion of the work. This process was in full swing during the Covid pandemic. It was apparent to me that the social distancing would not take place if adjustments weren’t made. To maintain the very important MDA process and protect the members of the team from being in close proximity with hundreds of people, I paid attention to the busiest times throughout the day. Mornings were the busiest times during the day although coordination was necessary throughout the entire work day. There were fewer inspectors compared to the number of people from craft members waiting for inspectors. After working out the details with the other MDA members, I presented a plan which included specific times during the day that the MDA team would be available. This would decrease the time the team would be exposed to people. The team of inspectors, which was previously spread out throughout the day, was to report during the designated MDA hours. The plan was presented to senior members of the company who questioned how it would impact the quantity of inspections being made. I shared information about the peak times inspections were needed and how setting a schedule that included the busiest times would help us keep the momentum. My team was also able to coordinate the process from an area that was more removed from most people. The paperwork required for the process was usually completed on the ship throughout the day putting us at even more risk of being exposed to Covid. With the new plan in place we were able to return to our offices to complete the paperwork.

The moment of persuasion was successful because the process was changed to keep the MDA team safe and allowed us to follow recommendations from health professionals. Preparing for the questions my supervisor would have was helpful because I was prepared to respond to their concerns. I also continued to monitor the numbers of inspections to keep an eye on the quota so changes to the schedule could be made if needed. The leadership team was willing to try the plan when they were able to see the consideration that went into the plan. The MDA team was able to fully function and felt valued by the leadership team which I believe made us all work harder.