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ENGL 101 Reason for Grouping Consumers Essay

ENGL 101 Reason for Grouping Consumers Essay

Question Description

I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

General Information

As you can see from our discussion up to now, there are many ways to organize ideas before writing about them. Some people prefer formal linear outlines which resemble a list while others prefer visual representations such as Mind Maps much like a graphic novel or comic boo creating a picture of the essay rather than a verbal narrative representation of it.

How you organize your pre-writing plan depends on your personality and preference.


In this assignment you are going to create an outline/pre-writing plan of the essay you are writing in this module. The Everyday Writer Ch. 3 provides general information on planning and drafting your writing. And of course there are examples provided in module 2.


In an exemplification essay, discuss why advertisers group consumers into different categories.


  • Discuss this topic in an essay of minimum 1000 words. This word count does not include your name, etc. on the first page, nor the Works Cited page. It only includes the content of your essay.