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ENGL 105 College of San Mateo Gee Discourse Article Questions

ENGL 105 College of San Mateo Gee Discourse Article Questions

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I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

Questions for James Paul Gee’s “Discourses and Literacies”

  1. What is a “Discourse” (as defined by Gee)? What is a “discourse”?

  1. In what Discourses do you participate?

  1. Consider when and how often you engage in these Discourses. Describe the conscious and unconscious transition you make to be an active participant in each.

  1. Within which Discourse do you feel most comfortable? Less comfortable? Describe why you think this is so.

  1. Pick one Discourse to describe in more detail. What are the conventions or “rules” of the Discourse. In other words, what are the social expectations? Think about values, beliefs, language, etc., but also think about your role within the Discourse.

Gee’s Five Very Important Points

Focus on one of Gee’s Very Important Points:

  • Summarize Gee’s point in your own words—capture the main idea in a sentence or two.

  • Elaborate on not only what the point means, but more importantly why it matters.

  • Come up with a relevant, relatable example (or two or three) to illustrate the point.