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Epic of Gilgamesh Mesopotamian Poem Chronology Research Paper

Epic of Gilgamesh Mesopotamian Poem Chronology Research Paper

Question Description

Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Students may choose from the historical time frame Prehistory- 16th century.Topics might include an individual, an event, development of policy or institution.The topic may be a survey or might focus upon a more specific agenda.Students are encouraged to choose a topic of interest.


1 book, plus 3 additional sources.At least 2 sources may include: journal articles, magazine articles, movies or professional lecture outside the classroom (at least 1 source is to be from the internet).

***Encyclopedias ARE NOT acceptable research sources and therefore MAY NOT be used a references


Length: 10 to 12 pages; ONLY 5-7 ARE ACTUAL CONTENT 12 font “Times New Roman”, double spaced and paginated


  • 1 page Cover Page: includes title of your research paper, your name, the title and

section number of the course, Instructor’s name and due date.

  • 1 page Preface A statement of purpose and discussion; intent of research
  • 1 page Chronology: At least 12-15 dates listed on the left of the page with 1or more

corresponding sentences stating the date’s relevance to topic

  • 5-7 pages Research Results: Discussion of findings as related to the topic
  • 1 page Conclusion:A restatement of the introduction flavored with the results of

your research

  • 1 page Bibliography: Listing of references used for your research