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Grantham Univercity Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Discussions

Grantham Univercity Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Discussions

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I don’t understand this Communications question and need help to study.


In Chapter 9, we learned about Monroe’s Motivated Sequence! The goal of your discussion post here is to find something in your room (that is appropriate for class, of course) and create an infomercial for that item using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence . You will write out the infomercial as your discussion post, and be sure to use all of the steps in MMS. 


In Chapter 11, we discussed informative speeches. It’s time for you to begin crafting your informative speech, and let’s first start with brainstorming some ideas!

In this discussion post, you will list three ideas for your potential informative speech. Describe the idea in the first sentence, describe why it is an important issue/problem/concern facing our community in the second sentence, and describe how you will keep it informative for this first speech in the third sentence. Then repeat this for you two remaining ideas.