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Harrisburg Network Diagram Of Small Marketing Firm Evaluation Discussions

Harrisburg Network Diagram Of Small Marketing Firm Evaluation Discussions

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Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Part 1 Directions – For this assignment, evaluate the above network diagram for a basic small marketing firm in San Francisco, CA. You have been asked to write-upa basic risk assessment for this company. In the first part, brainstorm and list every risk you can imagine (realistic for this company) include virtual, physical and“stupid” in your listing. Provide a brief one-to-two sentence overview for each risk you list. In the second section, pick the top risk and create a Quantitative RA (lastweek) for a single loss expectancy. Each event will have it’s own price tag and amount of downtime. The values for each device is listed as “P” for physical cost and“V” for the estimated value of the data on each device. Each day the network is down results in a loss of $86,000.00.

Part 2 – Directions – For this assignment, refer back to your last week’s assignment. Take the above network diagram and identify all single points of failure. Onceyou find one, describe why it is a SPOF and offer two or three solutions to compensate for this SPOF. In the last section, take one solution from each SPOF andresearch the cost for implementation.