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HI 253 Purdue University Medical Coding Human Anatomy and Physiology Discussion

HI 253 Purdue University Medical Coding Human Anatomy and Physiology Discussion

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HI253: Medical Coding I

Topic: “Z” Codes and Screenings

There are frequently occasions when patients visit providers without having a codeable disease or disorder. ICD-10-CM provides an entire section of “Z” codes to use for these encounters.

Scan through Section Z in the ICD-10-CM manual and identify 3 different codes that providers can use to explain the reason for visit in the absence of a disease or disorder. Include at least one code that would be used when screening testing is being performed.

Participation Expectations: Your main post to the discussion should contain at least 150 words, with no more than 10% quoting, and cite any sources used on a reference list following APA format. Let me know if you can’t find ICD-10-CM online.

SC121: Human Anatomy & Physiology I

The four basic tissue types in the body help form our organs and systems. As they form the framework for so many crucial systems, when they fail, the results can be quite serious. In this discussion, you will investigate one disorder that involves one of these tissues.

You will be assigned the disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Please list the name of the disorder in the subject line of your main post. You will do some additional research, and then answer the questions below.

  • Which disorder did you research?
  • Which basic tissue type is affected by the disorder and what is the tissue’s normal function in the body?
  • How does the tissue contribute to the disorder?
  • What are the symptoms of this disorder?
  • What is the treatment or management for this disorder?