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HMD 320 UNLV Female Managers and Female Executives Hospitality Diversity Essay

HMD 320 UNLV Female Managers and Female Executives Hospitality Diversity Essay

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Over seventy percent of students enrolled in hospitality management programs around the world are female. How can hospitality organizations ensure there are viable routes of succession for females to stay with a company and to be promoted into management and executive positions? Discuss strategies for hospitality industries to create pathways for success for female managers and female executives.

Margins: One inch top, bottom, left and right

Font: Times New Roman

Font size: 12 point

Left Aligned Text

Line spacing: 1

Spacing Before Paragraph: 0 point

Spacing After Paragraph: 0 point

File Format: docx

Double space between paragraphs

Four paragraph minimum

Word Count: 500 minimum

Special notes on essay formatting:

  1. Do not use word processing software that uses the East Asian PRC Language Pack for essays for this class as line spacing will be incorrect for essay assignments.
  2. Do not assume that Google Docs or smartphone software will create the .docx format required for essay assignments in this class. It is your responsibility to ensure that your essay is uploaded in the .docx format.
  3. To double space paragraphs – hit the enter key twice at the end of each paragraph
  4. No citations or quotations are accepted in essays; use your own words and rephrase any content from published literature