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IDST 403 Missouri Baptist University Zoom Privacy Practices Essay

IDST 403 Missouri Baptist University Zoom Privacy Practices Essay

Question Description

I don’t know how to handle this Social Science question and need guidance.

Week 2: Privacy in the News

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The topic of privacy is HUGE in the news right now. From the facebook scandal(s) to data breaches to the changing laws in the EU and the US, you can hardly open a news source without seeing something about privacy.

For this discussion board, find a current news article (no more than 6 months old) that relates to privacy. It can be about privacy in general or it can focus on a specific topic so long as you can tie the article back to privacy. The article needs to come from a reputable news source, but it does not have to be from the US. This discussion board topic will also help you with your privacy paper, so you may want to read the instructions for that assignment before posting here.

In your post (250 word minimum), summarize the article and respond to it. Then, respond to a classmate’s article or post. This post is worth 20 points (5 points for article choice, 10 points for personal post, 5 points for response to classmate). Make sure to include a link to your article.