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I’m Working On This Question And I Need A Sample Draft To Help Me Study

I’m Working On This Question And I Need A Sample Draft To Help Me Study

APA format

I chose corrections pillar and specifically probation

 20-30 page body on one current criminal justice theory impacting one of the two previously unselected criminal justice pillars. 

select one of the two remaining criminal justice pillars, law enforcement, courts, or corrections, select a prevailing criminal justice theory in that pillar, and explain the impact of that theory on the operations that particular pillar. 

 The paper is to be in the citation format of your program and the body of the paper is to be between 20 and 30 pages. The body of the paper does not include the title page, table of contents, appendix or references. 


 paper will be structured in the following manner and consist of the following pages/sections:

Title page (not included towards page count)

Table of contents (not included towards page count)

Abstract (not included towards page count)

Introduction of theory

Discussion of current academic literature on the theory

Discussion of current application of the theory in the professional setting

Future implications

References (not included towards page count)