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Investiture Controversy & Traditional Estates of Medieval Times History Report

Investiture Controversy & Traditional Estates of Medieval Times History Report

Question Description

I’m working on a History exercise and need support.

1. Examine images of the three medieval estates (below), depicting a medieval representation of the three orders of society. Write a 150+ word minimum post that addresses these questions: How do the images present an idealized view of the interdependence of the social orders? Who is included in the images? What kinds of people are left out of this idealized society? How well does it represent the reality of social relationships in the middle ages?

2. After you have watched the lecture and read about the Investiture Controversy, pick one of these four sides from the Holy Roman Empire during the time of the investiture controversy: 1) bishops who supported the pope, 2) bishops who supported the emperor, 3) nobles who supported the pope, or 4) nobles who supported the emperor. From the side you chose, attempt to persuade your classmates about the benefits of joining your side during this conflict between the emperors and the popes. Imagine you are in that time period and write from that perspective. Pick your side and argue for it using logic, reason, and historical fact!

3. write a discussion 150 words