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Lack of Exercise Leads to Health Complications Research Paper

Lack of Exercise Leads to Health Complications Research Paper

Question Description

I’m trying to study for my Health & Medical course and I need some help to understand this question.

Choose your topic. Research it to see what information you want to include. Make an outline for the essay so that you can follow it when you write the essay. Submit the Outline .

Be sure to read the posted documents and the book materials to understand the Cause and Effect essay. Then Write a 650-word essay explaining one of the following topics:

  1. Too much sunshine causes skin cancer.
  2. Fast food is a major cause of weight gain in America.
  3. Cell phone usage while driving causes automobile wrecks.
  4. Lack of exercise causes health problems.
  5. Single gender classrooms produce more successful students.

Remember that you are to use at least two outside sources that you will document within the text of your paper. This is not an opinion paper so do not use personal pronouns, like saying I think or to me.

Other content about outline

1. First of all, the spacing was wrong on the sample I sent you. I hoped you would catch it and correct it. As with the essay itself, the line spacing on the outline should be double spaced.

2. Second, I don’t know where the confusion happened, but it was supposed to be a Topic Outline. That means short pieces of information instead of sentences.. Only a few students did this correctly. Go back and look at the example I sent because that part of it was correct.

3. When you are using a sample or example of something, leave off the parts that tell what goes in a particular spot. For example, if the sample says to use “Topic Section One,” do not include the phrase. Just do the actual Topic Section One.