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Liberty Group Dynamic Forum Leadership skills & Resistant Members Discussion

Liberty Group Dynamic Forum Leadership skills & Resistant Members Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a Management exercise and need support.

Discussion Board Instructions

For each specific topic, you must incorporate relevant ideas from both the Jacobs et al. and Forsyth course texts. For each forum, you are required to create a thread between 300 and 350 words addressing a specific topic. Integration of Scripture is encouraged, but is not required. Assertions must be supported by in-text references in current APA format. Use first person and single-spaced formatting and indent new paragraphs. Your threads must be well written, well organized, and focused.

Forum 3

Through this module/week’s course materials, you will learn about how to effectively lead a group session. Which of the different skills described and demonstrated by Jacobs et al. and Corey et al. do you feel would be the easiest and the hardest, respectively, for you to incorporate into your own leadership style and why? Develop your discussion by reflecting on perspectives of how leaders emerge and use different styles, as well as how obedience, power, and status influence leaders and group members, as presented by Forsyth.

Textbook Readings

  • Forsyth: chs. 8–9
  • Jacobs et al.: ch. 6……

Forum 4

Rounds and dyads are excellent techniques for support groups and counseling groups, but they may also be effectively used in task groups, project groups, and teams to enhance decision-making processes, performance, and productivity. Discuss how you would implement the techniques observed in the videos during the meetings of such a group. Develop 1 specific example of a round and 1 specific example of a dyad exercise, and explain how these would be valuable to the group.

Textbook Readings

  • Forsyth: chs. 11–12
  • Jacobs et al.: ch. 9……

Forum 5

In chapter 16, Jacobs et al. address a number of problem situations that may cause conflict in a group and get it off track. Choose 1 of these situations and shed further light on why this is a common issue and why/how it may lead to conflict by drawing upon Forsyth chapter 13, and Corey et al. second program.

Textbook Readings

  • Forsyth: ch. 13
  • Jacobs et al.: chs. 14, 16

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