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MG 382W UAH Toyota Vehicle Recall Company and Communication Event PPT

MG 382W UAH Toyota Vehicle Recall Company and Communication Event PPT

Question Description

I’m working on a Powerpoint exercise and need support.

  1. Your group will be giving a 20-minute informative Zoom presentation about your selected company, the communication event, and your recommended communication to various stakeholders.
  2. Your presentation should include the following sections:
    • Overview of the company and the communication event. Who are they? What is their industry/market? Basic company history (keep it brief) What happened? Is it ongoing?
    • Who are the company’s stakeholders? Think about Lesson 1. Who are internal stakeholders? Who are external stakeholders? Which stakeholders are affected by the communication event?
    • What kind of stakeholder communication did the company use when the event happened? You’ll need to do more research for this. You can look at social media, news stories, or company documentation (such as their website or press releases) to find this.
    • Imagine your group is responsible for company communication. Which stakeholders would you need to address? How might you reach them? Brainstorm here—there may be lots of groups to consider! Present the kinds of communications you would need to create if you were a part of the organization—internal memos? Social media statements? Press releases? Letters to investors/stockholders? Human resources guidelines? Preparation for interviews with the press? These are just a few of the possible options. (see Module 5)
    • Create one of the communications mentioned above and include it in the presentation and upload the file with your presentation.
    • Include a Reference page with all references used in the presentation and research in APA style.
  1. Create a visual aid for the presentation.
    • You may use Prezi or PowerPoint. The benefit of Prezi is that EACH of you can be editing the presentation online at the same time. The Prezi website is easy to use and has several video tutorials and ‘cheat sheets’ that you should study. Powerpoint or Google Slides are also fine if that’s what you prefer.
    • Remember to follow the rules about contrasting backgrounds and fonts (always use dark text with light backgrounds and light text with dark backgrounds). (see Module 6)
    • Remember that visual aids should not have too much information on a slide. Graphics, charts, photos, etc., are good—blocks of text are boring!
  1. Your presentation should be arranged in a logical format. An example format might be:
    • Introduction (gain audience attention, introduce group members, and provide an overview of the presentation)
    • Company overview (present relevant company information such as history, leadership, industry, etc.)
    • Introduction and explanation of the communication event
    • Explain the stakeholders involved
    • Describe the kinds of communications the organization needs to create
    • Present one example of such communications
    • End with a clear conclusion (reiterate main points, thank the audience)
  1. Each member of the group must speak during the presentation. You will need to practice the timing and flow of this prior to your presentation. How you divide the speaking time is up to you.

6.Group members are expected to dress appropriately. Business casual is fine.

  1. Follow the instructions below to schedule and record your Zoom presentation.
  2. Some groups may have members with connectivity or webcam issues—please speak to me ahead of time to plan an alternative.
  3. Upload your presentation to Canvas. You will need to upload your slides, example communication, reference page, and your Zoom recording. To do so, in the assignment, upload the first file. Then click “Add another file.” Repeat to add all four items. Then submit. Only one group member needs to submit all of the items.