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Moore College of Art and Design Cell Differentiation Discussion

Moore College of Art and Design Cell Differentiation Discussion

Question Description

I’m trying to learn for my Biology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

For this discussion, you should think about the question below andcome up a hypothesis that could explain how this can happen. Once youhave made your initial posting, then you should look at the postings ofother students in the class and make at least one response to one oftheir post indicating whether you agree or disagree with theirhypothesis and why. Answers must address all of these components inorder to receive full credit.

  • In a human, each of the 230 different types of cells have the samefundamental genetic material that contains about 25,000 genes. Despitecontaining the same genetic material, the cells still look and functiondifferently. Come up with a hypothesis why cells containing theidentical genetic material can look and function so differently.

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