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Pima Indians Diabetes Dataset and Machine Learning Technique Case Study

Pima Indians Diabetes Dataset and Machine Learning Technique Case Study

Question Description

Can you help me understand this English question?

Guidelines for Case Study

Machine Learning Techniques can be applied to solve following real-world problems

We have selected 5 sources for this case study, and are providing you links to data sets so you can select any ONE case for your assignment.

  1. Write a k-Nearest Neighbour algorithm to classify the Iris data-set. Write both correct and wrong predictions. Write the best ML library that can be used for this problem.

Link for Iris Data-set:

2. Write an algorithm to demonstrate the working of the decision tree based ID3 algorithm. Use an appropriate data set for building the decision tree and apply this knowledge to classify a new sample.

Link for Diabetes data-set:

Write a two-page report for each one (double-line spaced), explain the following for the given data-set in your report.

  1. Description of attributes of the given data-set.
  2. Determine the best feature used to get maximum accuracy.
  3. Design an algorithm for the given problem in case-study.
  4. Write the description of Machine Learning technique specified in case-study and explain its various types of applications.
  5. List the libraries used in the case study.