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Purdue University Jennifer Exercise Program Discussion

Purdue University Jennifer Exercise Program Discussion

Question Description

I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.

A treatment plan has many components, and depending upon the setting, the specific format may vary. Nevertheless, the treatment plan should always address the major concerns that the client presents with. Read the case example of Jennifer (Activity 13.13) on page 418 of your text and think about the possible goals for treatment you might create for her.

Identify three possible treatment goals for the case. Explain your rationale for each of the treatment goals being sure to incorporate the cultural considerations of the case.

Discuss the confidentiality concerns for the case. Be sure to cite and explain one of the organization’s ethical guidelines of confidentiality that we have studied (ACA, APA, NAADAC).


Jennifer, a 40-year-old mother of three, comes to counseling because she is feeling “blue,” tired, and upset with her appearance. Her friends are encouraging her to take more time for herself and perhaps to join an exercise program. She thinks exercise is a good idea, but she does not see how she can fit it into her life because she works 20 hours per week and has many demands with her school-age children. She reports that she feels responsible for child care and housework when she is not at her job. Jennifer thinks that exercise would reduce her fatigue, probably raise her spirits, and help with her concerns about her appearance. She realizes that other issues are involved in her mood and self-dissatisfaction, and that finding the time for exercise will require that she delegate some of her current responsibilities. She worries that it would be selfish to take this time for herself, and she is not sure what kind of support she would get from her husband and children.

Share your answers to the following questions in small groups:

  • How ready is Jennifer to take time for herself or join an exercise program?
  • What kinds of interventions would help Jennifer decide if she wants to begin taking time for herself or join an exercise program?
  • What would Jennifer need to be able to do to take time for activities such as joining an exercise program?
  • After answering these questions write the following:


    A goal (Hint: This is a broad statement about desired change.)


    An objective that would support the goal (Hint: This is a short-term, measurable, or observable goal, and Jennifer needs to be motivated to achieve this objective.)


    Interventions that would help Jennifer accomplish her objective (Hint: Jennifer is not yet ready to take time for herself or to join the exercise program. What strategies would be consistent with helping Jennifer move in this direction?)

    Textbook-Erford, B. T. (03/2013). Orientation to the Counseling Profession: Advocacy, Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations.