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Quantitative research             


Quantitative research             


Quantitative research                                                                          Qualitative research

Focus on testing hypotheses and theories.                                    Focus on exploring ideas formulating a theory or hypothesis.

Requires many respondents.                                                            Requires few respondents.

Closed questions.                                                                               Open-ended questions.

Quantitative is a good fit for my study. My research question is ” Does foster kids have higher risk of homelessness compared to youth who were never placed out of home by child welfare? The reason why Quantitative fit my study because I will be able test the theory if foster children is more at risk of becoming homeless if they removed from their home. With quantitative research you to analyze a survey with multiple choice questions that is distributed to a sample. This could be done online, in person, or over phone. I could also experiment the situation. Situation in which different types of variables are controlled and manipulated to establish cause and effect relationships. I could observed the subject in a natural environment where variables can not be controlled.

The way how I will make sure my approach will be culturally sensitive by understanding how cultural differences may affect and influence individuals when forming their unique personalities, perceptions, and their interaction to others.


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 Respond to two colleagues by providing constructive feedback on their choice of methodological approach. Would a different approach be more appropriate or effective in answering the research question? Why or why not?