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Rider University Advocacy Legal Human Legal Rights Paper

Rider University Advocacy Legal Human Legal Rights Paper

Question Description

I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

paper should be 5-7 pages

* take a topic covered in either book we read and dig a little deeper.

* This too should outline an action plan on how you as an individual can effect change in your environment or at a higher level.

* You are the “next” generation—how will you make the world a more equitable place for you and your peers?

* the paper mustbe written a professional style (MLA, APA or Chicago-depending on your discipline) and have at the LEAST 5 external resources (citations).


see the rubric i have attached

I have attached the syllabus and it has the topics we covered in the class see which one will work for you .

I have attached two books we covered in the class .

after you decide which topic you will write about it you can easily know the book that covered the topic by looking to the syllabus on class activity .