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Role of The Government Discussion

Role of The Government Discussion

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I’m studying for my Economics class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

discussion 3 role of the government

Respond to the following prompts in a post with a minimum of 300 words no maximum

Topic: Some economists argue that the government intervention makes the economic outcome even worse. Some argue that there are important economic roles of the government. What is your opinion? Does the government do good or bad?

Briefly discuss.

Discussion 4 Utility and Government policy

Respond to the following prompt in a post with a minimum of 300 words no maximum

In your own words, what is utility? Can utility be measured? Can you measure your own utility? Can someone else measure your utility? Why or why not? Can social welfare be measured by “adding up” peoples’ utilities? Why or why not? If not by using utility, how can policy makers estimate the welfare of government policies?