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Saddleback College Democracy in Jacksonian America Discussion

Saddleback College Democracy in Jacksonian America Discussion

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I don’t know how to handle this Law question and need guidance.

1) After watching “We Shall Remain” reflect on Andrew Jackson’s “Presidential Message on Indian Removal (1829)” and John Ross’s “Appeal of the Cherokee Nation” (1830). What arguments stand out to you and why? What is the tone of each of these primary sources? What can these documents tell you about Jacksonian America and the expansion of the U.S. to the West? 2) Using the image comparison from lecture: How is the election climate different between these two paintings? What role do women play, or not play in these images? How does this change over time? How do we see the remnant of Jacksonian Democracy in the second painting? Why might the second painting seem less patriotic? Be sure to be clear about which painting you are discussing and describe/analyze what you see. 3) What are your reactions to Tiya Miles’ “Narrative of Nancy?” How did Nancy identify, versus how did others try to fit her into a specific identification? How does this narrative make us think differently about the creation of racial difference?

Answer 2, no refrences or slources needed (100 words minimum pls)