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Seattle Central Travelling Plan Flow Chart & Activity Scheduling Concept Map

Seattle Central Travelling Plan Flow Chart & Activity Scheduling Concept Map

Question Description

I’m working on a Management question and need guidance to help me study.

I need help creating a concept map that is a visual representation to understand the problem.

Concept Map:

Problem Context: “You and your 3 cousins (Alice, Huey, and Louie)

Are going to visit Disneyland in Orange County, California next month. You want to have fun, but there are some constraints. You will have only one day to visit the Disneyland, and there will not be enough time! Also, your cousins have their own sense of what “having fun” means. How do you plan your visit?

Your task: Pick a simple question or problem and create a handwritten concept map answering that question or solving that problem (note: you may use a software application to complete the concept map.)

  • The question/problem must be simple enough that you can create a concept map on one page, but not so simple that your concept map is substantially less than one page. That is to say, even though your question/problem is “simple,” your map should show significant thought and effort.
  • The question/problem doesn’t have to be something.

Flow Chart:

Your task: Using the question or problem from the concept map assignment above, create a handwritten flow chart or a program that would answer that question/solve that problem.

Some hints and help:

  • Remember that a flow chart differs from a concept map in that the flow chart has fewer actions or tasks available to you. Concept maps are much more open-ended in that the nodes (circles or boxes) can be most anything and the links (arrows) between nodes can be any kind of relationship (as given by the text attached to the arrow). Concept maps are also much more nonlinear; there may not necessarily be a “starting point.” Flow charts, in contrast, have only a few defined structures (as symbolized by the box, parallelogram, diamond, circle, and arrow) and is more linear.
  • It’s not too far off the mark to say concept maps represent human thought while flow charts represent computer thinking. The trick in programming is to translate the one into the other.
  • The flow chart should be at least one page, but it might be more. It depends on how difficult your question/problem is to translate into simpler steps that a computer can understand.

In sum, you should submit two files (the files themselves maybe one page or more; if you have multiple pages, use PDF). Please make sure any images are oriented so they are upright when opened.