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Southern Illinois University informational Booklet About Diabetes Research Paper

Southern Illinois University informational Booklet About Diabetes Research Paper

Question Description

I’m studying for my Biology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Addresses course outcome 4:

  • weigh and make health-related decisions based on anunderstanding of the value and limits of scientific knowledge and thescientific method

Choose and research a topic related to human biology. Imaginethat you are creating a small booklet that will become available at alocal health clinic. The booklet should be educational andunderstandable by the general public. You may select one topic thatrelates to either homeostatic mechanisms or to a disease that mayinterest you because of your own health or family history. You will finda list of suggested topics below, or you may come up with your own. Ifyou select a topic that is not listed below, discuss your topic withyour instructor before beginning work.

Suggested topics

  • Homeostasis: Hydration and exercise, adaptationof the human body to pregnancy, adaptation to cold or hot weather,adaptation to starvation and its consequences, sleep and health, ornutrition and health in children.
  • Diseases: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension,sickle cell anemia, Huntington’s disease, colon cancer, maculardegeneration, hemophilia, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, musculardystrophy, or hepatitis.

Assignment criteria

  1. Select one of the suggested topics above (you may also choose a topic not listed above).
  2. Find articles related to the topic. You can find assistance with searching for articles at the UMGC Library Subject Guides at
  3. Remember that this is a booklet. Write 750-1500 words, excluding references.You may include pictures, tables and other material but please includeall references. You should cite information in the text from at leastfour sources (including books, journals, and the Internet). You may notuse online encyclopedias as a source more than once. Use APA style forciting references (see source material should be paraphrased or summarized in your ownwords. You should have no more than one direct short quote (less than 40words) and no long quotes (more than 40 words) in your booklet.
  4. The sections of your booklet should include a title; an introduction that defines/describes your topic and what current/ongoing research has discovered about this topic; background information on what healthy organ system(s) is/are affected by the topic; the mechanism of action (e.g., how does the topic disrupt homeostasis? how does a disease spread and infect a person?); its symptoms and how it is diagnosed; current treatment options; and your references. You may include additional sections as necessary to cover your particular topic.
  5. Please keep in mind that the audience for your informational booklet is the general public.Your explanations and uses of evidence, illustrations, or otherdefinitive details should be appropriate for the reader; your languageshould aid the reader’s understanding of the subject (includingdefinitions where appropriate); you should use information logically,and provide conflicting evidence and research where appropriate.