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The quickest way to find your representatives is 


The quickest way to find your representatives is Who represents meLinks to an external site. website!

After entering your current residence address, answer the following questions (please, use complete sentences. In parenthesis (I provided my answers as examples):

1. In which Texas House District do you currently reside?

(I currently live in Texas House district 131)

2. Who is your representative in the Texas House and what is her or his party affiliation?

(My representative is Alma Allen. She is a Democrat.)

 3. Who is your Texas Senator and what Texas Senate District she or he represents?  What is your senator party affiliation?

(My Senator is Boris Miles and he represents Texas Senate District 13. He is Democrat)

4. When will your Senator face the next Texas Senate election?

(Senator Miles will face the next Texas Senate election in 2022.)

In the first part of Assignment 1, you learned who is your state house representative and who is your state senator in the Texas Congress!

Now let us check their voting records!

Assignment 1 Part B

You will research and present the voting records of your Texas legislators, both Texas house representative and your Texas state Senator.

 Please, make sure you choose 3 different bills for each of your Texas legislators.  Choose the most current voting records (from 87th regular session and 87th 3 special sessions). 

1. Provide the official name and a short summary of the bill/ law that your representatives cast her or his vote.
2. Provide whether your representative voted for the bill or against the bill.  

3. Explain if you agree with your representative position on a particular bill.  

4. Based on the fact whether you agree or disagree with your representatives, label each of your representatives as “trustee” or “delegate” type representatives. Please explain differences between delegate and trustee types.


Check the following links for your research: