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This e-observation clinical experience will focus on of how well a teacher’s instruction is aligned with Danielson Framework Domain 3 (Instruction)

This e-observation clinical experience will focus on of how well a teacher’s instruction is aligned with Danielson Framework Domain 3 (Instruction)

This e-observation clinical experience will focus on of how well a teacher’s instruction is aligned with Danielson Framework Domain 3 (Instruction).

1. Read the materials above

2. Review the written transcript of the lesson Kindergarten Mathematics.docx Download Kindergarten Mathematics.docx 

3. Watch the video Kindergarten MathematicsLinks to an external site.

4. While watching the video, use the low inference note taker to capture exact language from the video (also rely on the transcript). Note the instructional moves that demonstrate the level of proficiency in the instructional core of Danielson 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d.

5. Be sure to consider the following:

What instructional moves did the teacher facilitate

  • to engage students
  • question students,
  • elevate critical thinking
  • provide equity and access to the content?

What misconceptions did the teacher uncover during the learning experience to help students engage with accurate knowledge schema?

How does the teacher scaffold learning for all students?

6. Submit low inference notes including timestamps

7. Complete and submit the e-observation instrument to evaluate the teaching based on Domain 3.

8. Answer at least 5 guiding questions from the Teacher Observation Critical Analysis. Be sure to provide evidence from the video to support your decisions. Submit your response. 


1.After reading texts, watching video, and using the transcript, take Low Inference Notes and 

   SUBMIT. Include timestamps!

Low_Inference_Transcript.docxDownload Low_Inference_Transcript.docx

  1. Using the e-observation instrument (make sure to download the copy after you fill it out and submit it to your filed supervisors) timestamp the video, evaluate the video of teaching based on Domain 3. Highlight what you observe as quality instructional practice in relation to the rubric. 
  2. Select one question that resonates with you from each of the FIVE categories and share what you noticed from the video. In your evaluation, provide concrete evidence from the video and the course readings or prior coursework to support your decisions and SUBMIT your responses to the questions in the Teacher Observation Critical Analysis. 

Teacher Observation Critical AnalysisDownload Teacher Observation Critical Analysis

2013 Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument: The Danielson Group. (2014). Retrieved September 17, 2020, from Links to an external site. 

The resources below consist of your professional toolkit. You will use these throughout the semester. 

  1. Read: Critical Attributes Domain 2 and Domain 3Links to an external site.
  2. Read about  how to take Low Inference Notes  Best Practices Low Inference Notes.pdf Download Best Practices Low Inference Notes.pdf  and watch the following

3.Read Danielson Framework for Domain 3. Begin at level 3 for each component (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) Danielson Framework.pdf Download Danielson Framework.pdf

4. Watch the following video about HIgh Leverage Practices for Students with Disabilities.

5.Read the High Leverage Practice Links to an external site.(HLP) associated with each of the components. Links to an external site

6.Read Reading and Resilience Download Reading and Resilience(Tatum, A.) where you will learn about the importance of building respect and rapport. This will support conversations with your students on the importance of building relationships that promote student voice. to an external sit  

7.Read: Teacher Observation Critical Analysis.docx
Watch: Kindergarten Mathematics Links to an external site.

  1. Read the Lesson Transcript Download Lesson Transcript. This is a verbatim record of the dialogue that occurred during the lesson. You will use this transcript to help you complete the Low Inference Notes for this e-observation.