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UBC Prevention of Vicarious Trauma Self Awareness & Assessment Discussion

UBC Prevention of Vicarious Trauma Self Awareness & Assessment Discussion

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As a helping professional, many factors caninfluence the development of vicarious trauma, including client accountsand your own personal and professional experiences. The shifts incognitive schemas, as discussed in this week’s Discussion, however, arenot absolute. You can participate in activities that can minimize orameliorate the effects of VT. Self-awareness and self-assessment arecritical in identifying the development of VT. It is important to notethat practitioners who are more susceptible to VT, such as those workingwith survivors of critical incidents, especially need to be aware ofthe symptoms and take steps to minimize the development of VT.

Forthis Assignment, reflect on the strategies you read about and those youmay know from outside this course. Consider those that you usecurrently or might use in the future to mitigate the effects of VT.Complete the Compassion Fatigue Self Test and analyze the results.

The Assignment (2–3 pages):

  • Summarize the results of the self-assessment.
  • Explain what you learned about yourself as it relates to vicarious trauma.
  • Describe three strategies that you might use to mitigate the effects of vicarious trauma, and explain why you selected each.