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UDC Trader Joes and Extraordinary Journeys Article Case Studies

UDC Trader Joes and Extraordinary Journeys Article Case Studies

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Question 1: Elizabeth Gordon’s key skills as CEO is understanding the writings of Michael Porter’s “What is Strategy” case. Using example from Extraordinary Journeys case, identify one specific example of each of Porter’s three theories.

– Making Trade-offs

– Occupying a Unique and Valuable Niche

– Integrating Activities into a Strong Activity Web

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Question 2: Trader Joe’s is Known for unpleasant parking condition, poor road access, and overcrowding. Why is second-rate parking lots are critical part of Trader Joe’s business strategy. However, Trader Joe’s doesn’t set out to get bad parking lots. How does fit into Trader Joe’s other facets of their firm strategy? Hint: could it be to decrease overcrowding in the store? Use Porter’s “What is strategy” and the Trader Joe’s case

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