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University at Albany SUNY Calculus Quiz Questions

University at Albany SUNY Calculus Quiz Questions

Question Description

I don’t know how to handle this Calculus question and need guidance.

Please be able to show your work and be here at 8:15PM EST at the start of the quiz

Quiz 2 will consist of 13 questions

12 non multiple choice questions and 1 multiple choice question.

10 of the questions are non calculator and 3 are calculator.

The non calculator questions are Quotient rule, product rule, simple power rule,

instantaneous rate of change, find equation of tangent line, find the derivitive

from the mathematical definition of limit, marginal revenue, and instantaneous velocity,

Calculator questions include find the derivitive from mathematical definition of limit,

determine the instantanoeus velocity, and find the equation of the tangent line.

Part 1 questions are 4 points each, Part 2 questions are 3 points each