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University of Florida American Colonialist Nonimportation Agreements Discussion

University of Florida American Colonialist Nonimportation Agreements Discussion

Question Description

I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

The questions for this week draw on the first two weeks of primary source reading. You do not need to talk about everything, but you should try to specifically reference one or two of the documents. You do not need to provide citations.Instructions: Answer 1 of the questions below in about 250 words Comment on the posts of at least 2 other students by Friday, 5pm (your comments only need to be a few sentences, and show an engagement with their ideas).

1) How did enslaved people/slavery shape patriot politics and the coming of independence?

2) What broader ideas and values did colonists attach to nonimportation?

3) Were Abigail Adams’ ideas patriot (i.e. part of the revolutionary movement of colonists)? Why or why not? Watch the short video on “free” colonial women I posted in the Week 2 module, and then analyze the Abigail and John Adams letters.

Reading: Boston and Charleston Nonimportation Agreements (1768-1769); Henry Laurens to John Lewis Gervais, especially pg. 53-54 (1769); Phillis Wheatley to Samson Occum (1774); Smith, Freedoms We Lost, preface and pgs. 1-46.