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University of San Diego Software Testing Multiple Choices Questions

University of San Diego Software Testing Multiple Choices Questions

Question Description

I don’t understand this Software Development question and need help to study.

1)The largest source of bugs in software arise from software specifications. Which of the following is not a software specification related bug?

Group of answer choices

a)The software has bugs because the prepared requirements document was difficult for the developers to comprehend

b)The software has bugs because the developers documented the source code

c)The software has bugs because the requirements engineer could not keep up with frequent changes demanded by the customer

d)The software has bugs because the requirements engineer accidentally omitted some specifications during elicitation

2)Which terms when used refer to software failures

Group of answer choices

Variance, Bug, Contention, Inconsistency

Bug, Anomaly, Matter, Defect

Failure, Incident, Bug, Contention

All the answers are correct

3)During the software development process, the cost of detecting bugs increases when a bug makes it into the next stage of the development life cycle. Which of the following the correct life cycle for bug detection with respect to increasing cost?

Group of answer choices

Specification, Design, Test, Code

Specification, Design, Code, Test

Specification, Code, Design, Test

Specification, Code, Test, Design

4)Which of the following are traits of a good software tester?

Group of answer choices

Indolent, Persuasive

Diplomatic, Considerate

Relentless, Slothful

Lethargic, Perfectionist

5)Which of the following is not a task executed during software development

Group of answer choices

a)Teams of people that play different roles

b)Specifics of how people interact and their tasks

c)Routine software maintenance

d)Schedules for implementing tasks and managing resources

6)Which of the following is the correct definition for verification in software testing?

Group of answer choices

a)the process of determining that developers have built the right software

b)the process where the developers assure the client that they built right software

c)the process of that tested software meets the customer’s specifications

d)the process of measuring the closeness of measured values to known standards in software

7)The following are true about black-box testing except:

Group of answer choices

a)The software tester does not know why the software works the way it does

b)The software tester knows the underlying algorithm and inner working of the software

c)The software tester knows what the software does

d)The software tester knows the expected output from software for a every given set of input

8)Which of the following tool(s) can be used to collect customer requirements during the software development process?

Group of answer choices

a)All the answers are correct


c)Focus groups

d)Evaluations of previous software versions

9)Design documents are of one of the categories of deliverables in software development. Which of the following best describes state transition diagrams?

Group of answer choices

a)Show how data moves through the various software components

b)Describe overall software design

c)Describe how software components interact with each other

d)break down the system into conditions and describe system behavior

10)Which of the following best describes a test plan?

Group of answer choices

a)A progress report made when testing software

b)A method for verifying that software meets customer needs

c)Documentation of test tools which are purchased or developed in-house

d)A plan on strategies for inducing and detecting bugs in software

11)Which of the following statements is FALSE:

Group of answer choices

a)As a software tester, you have adequate time to test all aspects of the software

b)As a software tester, you never test every aspect of the software

c)As a software tester, you never have sufficient time to test all aspects of the software

d)As a software tester, you never be given detailed software specifications

12)The attribute(s) of quality software include the following except

Group of answer choices





13)Which of the following activities is not performed during static white-box testing?

Group of answer choices

a)Examining and reviewing test cases

b)Examining and reviewing test scripts

c)Examining and reviewing test plans

d)Examining and running test scripts

14)A program statement is an inbuilt module in a computer program that processes data

Group of answer choices