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University of Southern California Social and Economic Aging Essay

University of Southern California Social and Economic Aging Essay

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Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Explain how different work experiences affect one’s aging experience. For example, if I am focusing on explaining how a low-paying job would shape an individuals’ aging experience, I would point out how this low-paying job may not give individuals economic security, and as a result they may need to work longer and may never be able to retire. Maybe their low pay has translated into undesirable choices about their own health care decisions, for example letting their health coverage lapse. Speak to your life experience, someone you know maybe who has had difficulty and maybe speak to how not having economic security impacts stress and health.

I know a lot of you are business majors. Watch these three videos and consider your discussion as indicated above

Joblessness May Accelerate Aging

Aging unemployed Americans struggle to find work

High Unemployment Due to Lack of Demand, Not Lack of Skills or Education