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Valencia College The Smart and Easy Way to Save Presentation

Valencia College The Smart and Easy Way to Save Presentation

Question Description

I’m studying for my Excel class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

In this project you will be adding content to a presentation about personal finance. You will add slide content by importing an outline from Word. You will then change the text using Outline view and the Cut and Paste commands. You will add an icon and adjust the position and look of the icon. You will add pictures both from your computer and from an online source. You will then add alt text, resize, and position the pictures on the slide. You will convert a bulleted list into a numbered list. Finally, you will add a table of information and display the data in a chart.

Skills needed to complete this project:

  • Importing Slides from a Word Outline (Skill 2.1)
  • Using the Outline View (Skill 2.2)
  • Inserting an Icon (Skill 2.13)
  • Aligning Objects (Skill 2.19)
  • Using Cut and Paste (Skill 2.4)
  • Adding Pictures (Skill 2.14)
  • Adding Alt Text to Pictures (Skill 2.15)
  • Changing the Size of Images (Skill 2.18)
  • Adding Online Pictures (Skill 2.16)
  • Using Gridlines and the Ruler (Skill 2.21)
  • Moving Objects Using Smart Guides (Skill 2.20)
  • Adding Numbered Lists (Skill 2.6)
  • Understanding the Content Placeholder (Skill 2.8)
  • Creating Tables in Presentations (Skill 2.9)
  • Adding Charts (Skill 2.10)
  1. Open the PP2019-ChallengeYourself-2-4 presentation. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
  2. If the presentation opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the presentation so you can modify it.
  3. Open the Insert Outline dialog. Navigate to the location where you saved your data files and insert the PersonalFinanceOutline document.
  4. Switch to Outline view and replace the text MY BUDGET with the text The Smart and Easy Way to Save as the subtitle on Slide 1. Switch back to Normal view.
  5. On Slide 1, insert the piggy bank icon. It is in the Commerce section of the Insert Icons dialog.
  6. Use the alignment options to align the icon along the right side and the bottom of the slide.
  7. Apply the Colored Fill – Accent 1, Dark 1 Outline graphics style to the icon. It is the second option in the third row of the gallery.
  8. On Slide 9, cut the last bullet point (Turn a hobby into a business).
  9. On Slide 6, paste the text you cut so it appears last in the list.
  10. On Slide 2, insert the save image downloaded from the Resources link.
  11. Add the following as alt text for the picture: SAVE tile letters on top of one dollar bills
  12. Resize the image to be 2.3″ tall and 3.45″ wide.
  13. On the same slide, insert the piggy bank image downloaded from the Resources link. If necessary, resize the image you inserted to be 3.36″ wide and allow PowerPoint to set the height, so it resizes proportionally.
  14. Display the ruler and drag both images to the 3 mark to the right of 0 on the ruler.
  15. Select both pictures and align them along the left relative to each other.
  16. Using the smart guides, drag the picture of the piggy bank below the save image. The left side of the images should be aligned, and the top of the piggy bank image should be touching the bottom of the save image.
  17. Navigate to Slide 10 and convert the five items in the list to a numbered list using the 1., 2., 3. format.
  18. Navigate to Slide 4 and change the layout of the slide to use the Two Content layout.
  19. In the content placeholder on the left, add a table with 2 columns and 6 rows.
  20. Enter the following information in the table:
    Expense Budget
    Rent $750
    Utilities $225
    Credit Cards $90
    Groceries $315
    Entertainment $125
  21. In the placeholder on the right, add a 3-D pie chart using the same information as the table.
  22. Save and close the presentation.
  23. Upload and save your project file.
  24. Submit project for grading.